Evergreen Timbers - Timber Talk 12-16-20

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Here we are less than ten days to Christmas

Hello All      

Here we are less than ten days to Christmas.  I do not think I have met many who feel in the Christmas Spirt this year.   In efforts to try to make it brighter and put some light in our lives, we launched a Christmas Lights contest.  The local paper is running an article on line; please look at Langley Times, Dan Ferguson for some pictures and a lovely write up.    The winners will be declared at the end of the week.  Very hard to decide as many in our independent buildings have really gone all out.

Our goal was achieved!

In January, if the numbers continue to drop we will look into having all meals served in the dining room again.  For now, we will continue to deliver one meal per day to each resident.   Christmas day is a different story however.   Christmas dinner will be served in the dining room.   A few of us are volunteering our time to come in a serve that day and do our best to make it as festive as possible.   Welcoming all at the entrance of the dining room is a fantastic garland made by Kim.   Love it!

Carole E has brought forward a brilliant idea about a Tree of Hope.  With that, we invite all to hang an ornament with your prayer or wishes for the year to come.  

More to come next week   


Stay Safe…Stay strong  



Evergreen Timbers - Timber Talk 12-04-20

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COVID vaccine approved in the United Kingdom!

Woohoo! COVID vaccine approved in the United Kingdom!

Woohoo!    Canada announces that we will have a vaccine approved within days….the vaccine will be in Canada around the 14th of December and in early January persons who live in Long Term Care Homes and staff will start to get the vaccine.  Fingers crossed – this is achievable!   We have light at the end of the tunnel.  A small glimmer- but defiantly a light!  However, we still have weeks and months ahead of us to be cautious, social distance and keep our bubble small.   


Here we are in December….our festive month.  Today we will begin to decorate outside, our angel, deer, bears and trees have been placed along the front of the building in hopes to bring on some much-needed Christmas Cheer. Unfortunately, inside decorations are needed to be kept at a minimum this year, due to disinfecting needs and social distancing.  Kim has a wonderful idea for the dining room, so please watch out next week for some colourful changes, albeit limited.


We have received direction from Fraser Health Authority as to expectations now - and as we move into the Christmas season.  Attached for your information is the guidance and expectations that are in place.  Essential outings are still permitted, even as our numbers increase.  Essential is the key word however and needs to be considered whenever one decides to venture out.  The entire province is under orders.  We have all been directed to limit our outings!


Groceries and toiletries are essential

Going for a walk while social distancing with a family member or friend is highly encouraged, especially in the beautiful weather we are experiencing.


Tim Hortons for a coffee is out of the question!

Do we need our nails coloured and polished – not essential.

Going to the home of a family member or friend will require 14 days isolation upon return.

Going out in the car with your family – not essential.


Christmas for all will be quiet this year.  We need to do our part and stay home!  It’s not easy, I know, I’m a grandmother too!  Christmas is for kids and the joy on their faces.   Thank goodness, for ZOOM, Skype, face chat, picture and videos.  Those will make it almost okay!


In recent days’ I have noticed many going out front and seeing family or friends outside of the hosted visits and some are receiving bags or parcels and by-passing protocol of all deliveries coming through the employees. Please try to understand and do follow the guidelines that have been put in place.  All these rules and guidelines are to keep you healthy and safe.   


Once again, a huge thank you to the employees who work very hard to provide your care and tend to your needs.  We are expected to follow these guidelines as well and our lives outside of work are not much different from yours.  With that   Still COVID free! Let’s hope it last.




Stay Safe…Stay strong  

Langley Lions unveil proposed replacement for apartments lost in fire

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LLHS Resident Mike Malahoff gets a look at the new Birch building. Dan Ferguson Langley Advance Times

Eight-storey 101-unit building proposed

Initial reaction was generally positive to a proposed replacement for the Birch building for seniors and low-income tenants that was demolished after suffering severe damage in a 2017 fire.

Residents of the Langley Lions Housing Society (LLHS) complex in Langley City where the Birch used to be were given an advance look Wednesday.

Plans call for an eight-story, 101-unit structure, built with cross-laminated timber on the site of the original three-storey structure.

Construction is expected to begin in the fall of 2020 with completion by the spring of 2022.

Jeanette Dagenais, LLHS executive director, called it a “significant upgrade to the quality of housing we provide.”  “We’re very excited about our plan for this building.

Langley Lions Housing Society currently operates seven apartment buildings on its 203 Street property, some more than 40 years old.

Once the new Birch is open, plans call for the transfer of residents from one of the aging buildings that will be next in line for replacement.

“We’re not going to displace any of our people,” said Dagenais.

Builders and designers of the project attended the afternoon session in the Evergreen Timbers Amenities Hall, including Aaron Toews of Yellowridge Construction, the firm that built Evergreen Timbers, currently the newest and most modern building in the complex.

“It was about 10 or 12 years ago,” Toews said.

Sixty people lost their homes in the fire that caused the death of a tenant and some of them attended the open house.

Arthur Gauthier, one of the former residents of the older building, recounted his experience.

“I lost everything,” Gauthier recalled. “I got my bike, my tools, basically that was it.”

His return took about a year, because he was able to stay with family.

“I told them to sort everyone else out before me,” he said.

“I had a place to go.”


Gauthier is hoping he can get a suite in the new building when it opens.

Mike Malahoff said the design looked “beautiful” but he was curious about the rates.

Exact numbers have not been set, but plans call for a mix of rate based on incomes with 20 per cent going to low income or “deep subsidy” suites, Dagenais said.

Ed Thomas was part of a small group of residents who were allowed to return to the fire-damaged building.

“I was one of the last tenants to move out before they demolished it,” he explained.

Thomas gave the new design a thumbs-up.

“It looks really good,” he said.

“I’m hoping I can get one of the wheelchair suites.”

Another Lions resident, Robert VanStrepen, was less positive, saying he would like to see more than the seven wheelchair accessible suites, along with ramps to allow people in chairs to evacuate the building.

“Those fire exit stairs are going to be no help to me,” VanStrepen said.

“I give two thumbs down.”

An afternoon open house for the general public is planned for June 27, also at Evergreen Timbers.